CMI Logistics are here to offer direction to all our customers in our aim to help you prepare and plan for the challenges of Brexit which is rapidly approaching.

The effects of the final outcome of Brexit negotiations is now at a crucial stage, with both sides not yet in a position to find a compromise.  On 31st October 2019, should there be a “No Deal” outcome then customs clearance will be a definite requirement for all export and import movements travelling between the UK and Europe. Initially port congestion is likely as a result of increased customs entry presentations and trailer examinations by authorities at the port. It may be that a deal is put into place to prevent these measures but as the initial deadline draws closer it is recommended that you err on the side of caution rather than leave things until the last moment.

In order to help you prepare we recommend that your shipping department are in a position to provide us with an invoice and packing list complete with the following information;


· Exporters full name and address including vat number

· Importers full name and address 

· Importers VAT & DAN numbers

· Importers contact details including name, telephone and email addresses

· Description and value of goods 

· Commodity Codes

· Gross and nett weights

· Packaging details

· Country of Origin

· Incoterms

· EORI number

We have devised a form which will assist with ensuring your bookings have all the information required; Download


Check that your company has a valid EORI which is a requirement for customs clearance. The application process is relatively quick, currently taking a few days. If you find that your company doesn’t yet have an EORI, then you must apply. 

You can apply for your EORI number at:


Be sure that your company is in a position to create and present commercial documentation for all European export and import shipments.  You should include within your commercial documentation all details which are bullet pointed above.


You must also ensure that you have in place the relevant commodity codes for the goods you are exporting or importing.  Using the correct commodity codes not only allows CMI Logistics to make correct customs declarations on your behalf but ensures that the correct Duty is applied. 

To find out more please visit

Our staff at CMI Logistics have a wealth of knowledge dealing with customs clearance and related issues for shipments on a global basis.  Whether you are importing or exporting by road, sea or air, we have agency clearance connections to deal with your clearances at all major ports and airports throughout the UK.

We are here to assist and will be willing to provide you with any guidance where we can, in the meantime please do not hesitate to contact ourselves anytime, should you have the need.

Until such time,


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